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Cochrane Interactive Learning: Can I get free access?
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People involved in certain aspects of Cochrane's work have free access to all the Cochrane Interactive Learning modules. This includes:


  • Authors of Cochrane Reviews 
  • Cochrane Editorial teams and Information Specialists
  • Cochrane Group staff 
  • Methods Group Convenors
  • Consumer Reviewers
  • Copy Edit Support 
  • Members of Executives and the Governing Board 
  • Network Support Fellows 
  • Translators* and Managing Translators
  • Members of the Trainers' Network


To confirm if you have a qualifying role, please visit the Roles tab on your Cochrane Account, where your Cochrane group roles are listed.
* New translators will only have access after contributing to one translation (see the Membership tab of your Cochrane Account). If a translator needs quicker access please email .


To start your free course, click on the New users and subscribers button and log in with your Cochrane Account at the bottom of the 'Course registration and subscription options' screen.


If this is your first time accessing the modules you will need to complete the registration process to access. Your Cochrane credentials will be recognised automatically and you will receive a 100% discount when you complete the checkout process. Once logged in, you can access all modules as well as see your progress and any certificates available for you to download.


All Cochrane contributors living and working in Research4Life countries are also eligible for free access.


Other contributors should refer to the instructions below on a free trial and individual subscriptions. Please note that Cochrane Members are eligible for a discount on all subscriptions. This is deducted automatically at checkout.


If you have any queries about your Cochrane Account or your eligibility to free access to Cochrane Interactive Learning, please email

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