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Cochrane Interactive Learning: register with email address validation
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Cochrane Interactive Learning is an online introductory course on how to conduct a systematic review of interventions.


These instructions are for users who have access to Cochrane Interactive Learning via their organisation. You will need to:

  • Create a Cochrane Account - if you do not already have one
  • Register for Cochrane Interactive Learning


Register for Cochrane Interactive Learning with email address validation

1. Go to

2. Click New users and subscribers to register

3. On the Course registration and subscription options page, the pricing information is for information only. You will not be charged. Scroll down to Institutional access and click Please log in or create an account.

4. If you already have a Cochrane Account, log in. Go to section 8 below.

5. If you do not have a Cochrane Account, please click SIGN UP NOW on the account login page and complete the sign-up form. 

Please note that you should register for your Cochrane Account using the email address validated for access to Cochrane Interactive Learning.

6. Look out for an email entitled 'Cochrane Account: action required' which contains a link to activate your account. Please check your junk or spam folder in case this is misdirected.

7. When you have activated your account, you will return to the Cochrane Interactive Learning registration page. 

8. You will see a notification that your email address has been validated and your registration enabled by your organisation. No payment is required.


9. Tick to accept the terms and conditions. Click Register for Cochrane Interactive Learning.


10. You will return to the main module page, click Start module below any module to begin learning. 

11. You will need to log in each time you access Cochrane Interactive Learning but you will not need to re-register until your subscription expires. You will see your progress through the modules displayed as 'Passed', 'Partially completed' or 'Not started'.

12. When your subscription expires, you will need to re-register to renew your subscription. See Cochrane Interactive Learning: renewals.


Cochrane Interactive Learning: user guide

  • You can work through the content at your own pace. There is no requirement to go through each module in any order. You can work through the course or choose your essential topics.
  • You can work on the modules from your laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Each module begins with a brief 'How to use this module' section, which shows you how to navigate around the content, bookmark favourites for reference when you need them, and filter content to find the most relevant topics for you.



  • When you have completed a module and passed the assessment you will be able to download a certificate, available from the 'Certificates' button at the bottom of the home page. When you have completed all available modules, you will be able to download a certificate of completion for the full course.
  • We’re always happy to hear feedback on how you have found the modules. Please use the 'Feedback' button at the bottom of the home page to send us your comments.




The home page has a comprehensive ‘Help’ section that answers many frequently asked questions. You can also email queries to


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