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Cochrane Resources for Group Staff
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Cochrane is grateful to everyone who works in the different Cochrane Groups that make up our varied community. We offer a wide range of resources and tools to support staff.

Who are Cochrane Group Staff?

Group staff are all the people who work in Cochrane Groups around the world. The following roles, as defined in Cochrane's contact database (Archie) are counted as Group staff.

Everyone who works for a group should have the Staff role in Archie alongside any more specific roles. Roles can be allocated by Group Super Users. See Super Users' Guide to Archie.


Cochrane Group Key role Group-specific roles 
Cochrane Review Groups



Administrative Assistant

Assistant Information Specialist

Assistant Managing Editor

Co-ordinating Editor

Deputy Co-ordinating Editor

Editorial Assistant

Feedback Editor

Information Specialist

Managing Editor

Network Associate Editor

Network Senior Editor

Network Support Fellow

Fields Director
Geographic Groups

Associate Director


Information Specialist 

Methods Groups   Convenor
Translation Projects Managing Translator


What does Cochrane provide for Group staff?

Our staff in the community provide crucial services that allow Cochrane to meet its mission. Cochrane supports staff with tools, resources and communication mechanisms.


How can I ensure staff in my Group can access the correct resources?

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