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Cochrane Digital Induction for new Staff
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We ask all new staff to complete their online digital induction called ‘Getting started at Cochrane’.

Whether you are totally new to Cochrane or an existing member starting a Group staff role for the first time, the induction develops valuable knowledge for succeeding in your new role.  It is also a great opportunity to help you settle in and feel part of our wonderful community. 


Who is Cochrane’s digital induction for?
Anyone working on behalf of Cochrane. This includes staff working in Review Groups, Fields, Methods Groups or Geographic Groups.

What will I learn and how?
Induction content covers:


  • What Cochrane is – including our products, organisational structure and strategy; evidence-based health and systematic reviews; and the core policies that all staff working on behalf of Cochrane need to follow.
  • Tools and systems – that we use for collaboration, community support, and review production.
  • Training at Cochrane  - explaining the multiple learning opportunities at Cochrane and how to access them.

Your digital induction consists of bite-size ‘learning experiences’, which are usually 2-5 minutes long and in various formats such as reading, video, and activities. It is very flexible – dip in and out of the induction as many times as you like, and complete content in any order that works best for you. Your progress will be saved automatically so you know what you have already completed.


There are up to five hours of learning in the digital induction. While we recommend you explore all the content available, depending on your existing knowledge and experience, you may choose to complete only the most relevant learning for you. ‘Our core policies’ is mandatory content we expect everyone to complete.


How do I access my digital induction?

Simply visit Cochrane Learning Experiences at and log-in with your Cochrane Account.  

You will find ‘Getting started at Cochrane’ near the top of page. Click on any of the tiles to get going. This quick video tour of Cochrane's digital induction shows you more.  

How long do I have access to my induction?

You have access to your induction for four months, but we recommend you complete the learning within your first month of joining Cochrane.


If you opted in to receive communications from Cochrane (highly recommended) you will receive a notification when your induction access is due to expire. You can opt into communications in your Cochrane Account.


Why is it important to complete my induction?

Cochrane’s success is built upon the strength of its people, all working together to achieve our mission. Your induction will set you up with the tools and knowledge to thrive in your new role, access help and training, collaborate with others, and contribute to Cochrane’s ongoing success.


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