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Cochrane Communications for our community
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There’s a lot going on at Cochrane! Use our communication channels to stay up to date.


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Mailing lists

People in Cochrane Groups receive information relevant to their role and activities via specific mailing lists. If you work for a group, you should have the Staff role in your Cochrane Account alongside any more specific roles (e.g. Director, Information Specialist), to ensure you receive our staff mailings. You can confirm your roles on the Roles tab on your Cochrane Account. Roles can be allocated by Group Super Users. See Super Users' Guide to Archie.


The Staff role also unlocks other key resources. See Cochrane Resources for Group Staff.


Cochrane uses Slack (online chat platform) to encourage communication between members of our community. Log in to Slack with your Cochrane Account.

Slack is available to members of Cochrane Groups with the following group roles:


  • Staff in Cochrane Central Executive, Fields, Geographic Groups, Review Groups, Satellites and Networks
  • Group Member in Governing Board, Author Panel, Cochrane Trainers' Network
  • Managing Translator in Translation Projects
  • Convenor in Methods Groups
  • Copy Editor


To confirm if you have a qualifying role for Slack access, check the Roles tab on your Cochrane Account. If you don't have a qualifying role, contact your primary group. A group Super User can allocate you a relevant role. There is guidance for Super Users on assigning roles in the Archie Knowledge Base.



Cochrane has a wide range of regular newsletters - select the relevant options on the Communications tab in your Cochrane Account to subscribe.




How can I share news in a newsletter, mailing list or on Cochrane websites?

If you have news or stories you would like to share with the Cochrane community or a larger audience, please let us know!

Items submitted may be disseminated through one or more of the following channels: news on, news on Community, Community blog post, Cochrane Community newsletter, our external newsletter Cochrane Connect, a Cochrane group digest  or one of our social media channels.

Please write to with the following information: Title of the news, content of the news, intended audience, and external link (if available). If your submission concerns a training event, please email

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