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Cochrane Group Staff: Leavers
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Group Administrators and Super Users

Please take the following actions when there are staff changes in your Group:

  • Ask the staff member if they wish to retain their Cochrane Account - if so, please ensure the staff member updates their primary email in their Cochrane Account profile.
    • Staff can continue to volunteer for Cochrane after they leave.
    • Staff will retain their previous Cochrane Membership for three years and may wish to continue to vote in governance elections.
  • Ask the staff member to adjust their Cochrane Account communication preferences to select the emails they will continue to receive from Cochrane. 


  • If the staff member does not wish to keep their Cochrane Account, please contact so that we can remove the person and their roles from our system. This is important for data security.


  • If the staff member will be keeping their Cochrane Account, you must delete or deactivate the staff member's Archie roles in your group. This is important for data security. See Group Roles.
    • Roles that must be deleted from staff leavers' records include the Staff and Super User roles
    • If you need assistance with deleting roles, please contact


  • Notify the Central Executive Team when people end their appointment in certain roles, e.g. Managing Editor, Geographic Group Director. See Group Roles.
  • If this ends the individual’s official involvement with Cochrane after more than 10 years of continuous service, please refer to for consideration for Emeritus or Life Membership.



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