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Cochrane International Mobility: guidance for groups
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Thank you for offering a placement as part of the Cochrane International Mobility programme - you are helping to share best practice and build capacity in Cochrane!


Advertise your placement

Please post your placement as a task on Cochrane Engage.

  • The task should be posted by the member of staff who will deal with queries and messages from potential applicants.
  • The nominated member of staff will receive queries and applications directly via email, through the TaskExchange messaging system.


1. Log in to Engage

2. Click to ‘Post a task’ and fill in form fields as shown below (information in screenshot is for example purposes only)



  • Title: Cochrane [Group Name] International Mobility programme
  • Description: copy and paste the following headings and corresponding details from your template recruitment form (available as an attachment to this page); please provide as much detail as possible, to ensure that applicants have realistic expectations of your placement. Note that all enquiries relating to placements will be handled by your Group, so the more information you provide to applicants up-front, the better. 
    • Host Cochrane Group
    • Primary contact for host Group
    • Panel considering applications
    • Focus of exchange
    • Outputs
    • Evaluation
    • Associated clinical opportunities (if relevant)
    • Financial support
    • Practical support
    • Training support
    • Duration of exchange
    • Suggested dates
  • Topic: Group area of expertise
  • Organisation: Cochrane
  • Affiliated organisation: add the name of your group
  • Review or guideline title: Title of output publication (if relevant)
  • Skills: select required candidate skills
  • Needs to be completed by: deadline for applications - if ongoing, choose a date 12 months from when you post the task
  • Describe your ideal applicant: copy and paste the following headings and corresponding details from your template recruitment form
    • Person specification
    • Language skills
    • Number of applicants
    • Further notes for applicants
  • Publish your task 

Dealing with applicant queries

Interested applicants will contact you directly using the Engage messaging system. Queries will arrive via email to the member of staff posting the task (it is therefore important that the opportunity is posted on Engage by the contact responsible for responding to applications).


Processing applications

Choose the process that best suits your Group:

  • Communicate directly with applicants to assess skills and eligibility 
  • Ask applicants to submit a standard form (available as an attachment to this page). The form is also available for download by applicants from within the Helpdesk: Cochrane International Mobility: guidance for applicants


Successful applicants

It is your Group's responsibility to finalise the arrangements for the exchange with any successful applicants, and for organising any related funding


Closing applications

If you do not wish to receive further applications, 'Unpublish' your task on Engage so it disappears from the searchable list of available tasks.

  • Log in to Engage and select ‘My Tasks’ 
  • Select the relevant task and choose ‘Delete’ (complete removal) or ‘Unpublish’ (the task remains on your profile and can be edited and reactivated the next time you wish to advertise this placement)


Evaluating the programme

The Cochrane Support Team will contact you with a short survey to provide feedback on the organisation of the programme. We will also contact successful applicants who have completed placements. 

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