Cochrane Groups: allocating group roles to staff and contributors

These instructions are for Cochrane Groups allocating group roles to individuals in Archie, Cochrane's contributor database

Why is it important to allocate the correct role to people who work with your group?

  • Group roles grant permissions that allow access to many important Cochrane resources:
  • Group roles help us identify how many people work for Cochrane, and in what capacity. This enables us to plan staff training and allocate resources more effectively.
  • Group roles make people eligible for Cochrane Membership.
  • Group roles allow us to prevent people from accessing Archie who do not need to - this is important for security as Archie contains personal data. See the Archie Knowledge Base for more information on role permissions.

Which role(s) should you allocate to people who work with your group?

  • All members of group staff in the group types listed below, should have the Staff role in Archie:
    • Central Executive Departments
    • Fields
    • Geographic Groups
    • Methods Groups
    • Review Groups and Networks
  • People with a designated group role, e.g. Managing Editor, Centre Director, Web Publisher, Convenor should be allocated the correct role in addition to their Staff role. These roles grant specific permissions.
  • If there is no appropriate designated group role, use the Role Specification field when adding the Staff role to clarify the person's involvement with your group.
  • The Staff role does not have to indicate paid employment. It grants access to staff resources. Group staff can include everyone who is involved with the work of your group on a regular basis. You can use the Role Specification field to clarify this.
  • Remember to remove the Staff role when this individual no longer works with your group.

  • If someone is working with your group for a short period, and does not need access to staff resources, the role Affiliated Researcher may be more appropriate. This role makes people eligible for Cochrane Membership, but does not allow access to Archie and other resources.

Recognising contributions to your group's work

  • People who make specific contributions to your group, but do not work for the group, can include:
    • Authors
    • Consumer reviewers
    • Peer reviewers
    • Translators
    • Writers of blog posts and newsletters
  • All of these contributions and a wide variety of other activities earn Cochrane Membership points - as explained in the Contribution points table.
  • If you have people who contribute to your group activities, whose efforts you would like to recognise, please send a list of their contributions to
  • People who contribute to your group should be allocated the relevant group role, e.g. Consumer reviewer. If there is no role that relates to their area of activity, you can allocate the role Other and use the Role Specification field to add information, e.g. Editor of group newsletter.
  • Allocate the role Group Member to indicate involvement with a particular body within Cochrane, e.g. Trainers' Network, Forum or Executive, Methods Group.
  • See the Archie Knowledge Base for more information on adding role types to your group.
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  • 23-Mar-2020