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Set up your profile in Cochrane TaskExchange
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1. Log in to TaskExchange.


2. Click on your name in the top right of the screen


3. Click Manage Profile, this will take you to the profile page in your Cochrane Account.


4. Complete the profile page with as much information as you wish to share. 

  • There's a space to add the organisation where you work or study. If you work for more than one organisation you can add these details in the "About Me" question
  • Use the "Tell us more" section to show what health topics you are interested in, and what skills you have. In the Skills question you can select what kind of tasks or volunteer opportunities you would be interested in. For example if you wish to comment on reviews as a consumer (patient, carer or family member of a patient) choose “Consumer (public, patient and carer) input”.
  • If you have very specific skills or interests that aren't listed in the drop-down boxes, you can add these in the "Special Interest" question
  • You can link to your publications on ResearchGate or your LinkedIn profile
  • Please note your TaskExchange profile only shows some of the details that you enter in your Cochrane Account, although we plan to expand this soon. We will never publish your email address.


5. Click Save


6. At the top of the page, click on the Share my profile button and confirm.


7. Go to Browse Network to view other users’ profiles and search for yourself to confirm your profile appears. Updates can take up to a minute to display at busy times – refresh your profile page to see your changes.


8. To find out how to update your profile picture please visit


You can make changes to your profile at any time.


There are some fields we will soon be removing from the TaskExchange profile page - please note you can no longer edit your affiliation with Cochrane or GIN, or select from a list Cochrane Groups you have worked with previously. You can of course add this information in the "About me" section.


Your profile must be shared if you want to apply for tasks, send messages or recommendations. If you hide your profile, your name and picture will still be shown next to any tasks you have posted.





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