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What can I do with my Cochrane Account?

Your Cochrane Account is your key to all Cochrane systems and services, such as Cochrane Crowd, TaskExchange, and Cochrane Interactive Learning.

If you have a relevant role within Cochrane, your Cochrane Account also allows you to log in to Cochrane resources such as Archie and RevMan Web, which are reserved for Cochrane authors and editorial staff. 

Manage your Cochrane Account on the different tabs in the My Account portal.

  • Home - access Cochrane Resources
  • My Profile - view and edit your contact details 
  • Communications - opt in to receive newsletters
  • Contributions - track the contributions you have made to Cochrane's work
  • Membership - view your Cochrane Membership status and download your membership certificate
  • Students - provide further information about your studies 
  • Roles - view your roles in Cochrane and link to role-based Conflict of Interest forms
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  • 17-Mar-2020