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Where can I get help as a Cochrane author or Review Group Managing Editor or Information Specialist or Web Master?

Please see our community help and support page where links are available to the various support teams that support the production of Cochrane reviews and websites: [][1] [1]:

I want to write a Cochrane Review. How do I get started?

Being a Cochrane author is a lot of work and a long commitment, but if you believe you have the skills and experience, please review the information on our '[Become an author][1]' page. If you haven't been an author on a Cochrane Review before, please look at some of the ways you can contribute to the work of Cochrane…

How do author affiliations show on Cochrane Review bylines after publication in the Cochrane Library?

### Related Archie Help pages: * ### [Instructions for Cochrane Review authors who need to add an affiliation in RevMan Web.][1] # **How do affiliations show on review bylines after publication?** Author details are shown on the [review byline in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews][2] as below: ![][3] …

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