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How do I activate my Cochrane Membership?

You should receive an email with a link to our Membership terms and conditions . Your Cochrane membership is activated when you have accepted the terms and conditions. You can then check in your Cochrane Account that your status has been updated.

How do you count Membership contributions?

Different contributions are allocated Membership 'points'. If you earn over 1,000 points in twelve months, you are offered a Cochrane membership that lasts one year. Find out more about contribution types and Membership points .

What is Cochrane Membership?

Cochrane membership is an acknowledgement of the contribution made by our global community participating in Cochrane’s work. Now it is possible for anyone to Join Cochrane and have their contribution recognised. Being part of Cochrane now goes beyond writing reviews or other tasks requiring specialised skills. New…

Am I a Cochrane Member?

If you are already contributing to Cochrane, you can check your membership status here. If you are not contributing to Cochrane, find out how to join Cochrane .

Have my contributions been counted towards Cochrane Membership?

We try to capture all contributions automatically but this is not always possible. You can check your membership status here . To see how many points your contributions are worth please see Contribution types and membership points . Contributions from Crowd, Phrase, Engage, and authorship of protocols and reviews…

What's the difference between member and a supporter?

A Cochrane supporter is someone with a Cochrane account who has not made a substantive contributions to Cochrane's work. A supporter can still access some of our resources and keep in touch our work by subscribing to our newsletters. A Cochrane Member is someone who has made a substantive contribution to Cochrane's …

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