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Working with RevMan 5 (Review Manager)

Cochrane's RevMan 5 (Review Manager) software is freely available to download for Cochrane authors and for academic and non-commercial use.

The RevMan user guide provides useful guidance for all users. 

Non-Cochrane users

Please ensure you are running RevMan in Non-Cochrane mode. This allows RevMan to run as a standalone product which does not attempt to connect to Cochrane servers. 

Cochrane Authors and Editorial teams

RevMan development work is focused on improving RevMan Web. If you are working on an intervention review please consider moving your review into RevMan Web as it has been developed to reduce errors from occurring.

Please contact for technical assistance with RevMan 5. Please also try the following solutions if you are experiencing problems with RevMan 5: 

  1. Turn your computer off, restart it and reopen RevMan. Try to check out the document again.
  2. If you are trying to access your review from an office in a university or hospital, please try at home (or vice versa). Institutional security settings can interfere with connections. Please consult your local IT services if you are able to connect from home but not from work. Please also try to access RevMan on a different computer, if you are able to.
  3. Try opening just one review at a time to see if the RevMan behaves correctly.
  4. Windows systems: ensure you have the 64-bit version of RevMan installed.

RevMan may struggle to open large review files which use a lot of memory. You can try the following solutions to reduce memory use in RevMan 5:

  1. In the Tools > Preferences > Files tab, check that 'Save Backup File Every' is not set too be too often (e.g. every minute); try setting to every 10 or 15 minutes.
  2. Increase the available memory:
    1. Windows systems: ensure you have the 64-bit version of RevMan installed.
    2. Adjust the amount of memory that RevMan is allowed to use (the default is 512 MB):
      • Right click on the Review Manager shortcut on the desktop, and choose Properties.
      • In the Target box, which will contain a pathway similar to  "C:\Program Files\Review Manager 5\Review Manager 5.exe", add the following after the last double-quote ' -J-Xmx768m' (do not add the single quotes, but do add a space between the double quote and the first dash). This will set the maximum amount of memory to 768 MB.
      • Adjust the number to a value suitable for your system. (See section E1 of our RevMan FAQs).

Uninstalling and reinstalling RevMan has solved problems for some users.

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