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Cochrane Library complimentary subsriptions
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Complimentary online subscription to the Cochrane Library is offered to the Contact Person of each published Cochrane Review, courtesy of Wiley.


The complimentary subscription is valid for 2.5 years from the publication date of the review's most recent citation version. Complimentary subscriptions do not apply to protocols.


There is a known issue with access to the Cochrane Library via Cochrane Account. Please contact Cochrane Support with any queries.


Contact authors can access their complimentary subscription via their Cochrane Account.


If you wish to donate your subscription to another author, please contact Cochrane Support.


If you access the Cochrane Library directly without going via your Cochrane Account, you can still log in to your Wiley profile and view saved searches. You will not have full-text complimentary access (unless you have this through other means, such as being at an institution that provides this automatically).

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