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What has changed in TaskExchange?
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We’ve made some improvements to TaskExchange - Cochrane's volunteer hub - to make it easier to use. Many of the changes are all in the background so we really hope you won’t notice them! 


Our volunteer hub is still the best place to post requests for help from the Cochrane community, or apply for opportunities that interest you. Here are the changes you will see:


1 - Managing your profile


You now manage the information in your TaskExchange profile in your Cochrane Account. We have merged all the information you’ve saved into one profile. You can go to your Cochrane Account by clicking on your name at the top of the screen, and choosing Manage Profile. 


Here you can add details of your experience, skills, and interests. You can share social network information, and add a description of yourself and any special interests you have, job title, organisation, languages spoken etc. Your profile will also display any Cochrane Group roles you hold. 


You may notice your profile picture has been replaced by a pattern. If you’d like to include a picture you can do this with your gravatar account – if you don’t have one yet, find out how to get one.


At the top of your profile page in your Cochrane Account you can choose whether to share or hide your profile on TaskExchange. Your profile will display your location, skills, interests and experience, but not your contact details. Your TaskExchange profile will update straight away but it can take up to a few minutes at busy times.


2 - Messaging


Our users told us that the messages inbox in TaskExchange was not easy to use so we've removed it. You can still send messages to other users.


If you have old messages you want to access, you can download these by clicking on your name and choose "download old messages". This will only be available until the end of 2021. If you need to access attachments please contact


Messages sent via TaskExchange will now arrive directly in your email inbox.


3 - Improved searching


Consumers (patients, carers and public) can now click the "Consumer tasks" button on the home page to quickly search for relevant tasks. The search filters have also been improved, including being able to search for people / tasks by their methodological interests.


4 - Task alerts


You can sign up for Task Alerts to be sent every week, every day or instantly as soon as a task matching your criteria is published. Find out more.




What is next for TaskExchange?


We have many exciting plans for TaskExchange - more improvements are coming!


If you have any questions, suggestions or other feedback, please contact


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